Summer heat is intolerable, especially for the ones working in tight spaces such as big industries and warehouses. Installing Air conditioners or 30-35 fans to control the humidity might sound a great idea, but in reality – it drains all the money and raises electricity bills.

Leaving the customers struggling in the heat is not a viable option to go for. In circumstances like these, we will put our suggestion to go for Heavy Industrial Ceiling Fans. These fans are helpful in controlling temperatures up to 3 to 4 degrees and do not raise your electricity bill as high as air-conditioners.

Though many people may argue that a heavy ceiling fan is a burden on an entity’s budget, M.G Engineers will explain why it is a boon and not a bane. We are one of the prominent HVLS Fan Manufacturers that serve a distinct quality to its customers and will share the reasons as to why you must go for our fans without any speck of doubt.

These fans are expensive, but they are obviously worth the price due to the following reasons:

  • It creates 25 times the air flow in comparison with the traditional fans.
  • It can circulate air across an area up to 20 meters in every direction from the placement of the fan.
  • This single fan replaces multiple wall-mounted fans effectively.
  • It may look like a costly option but it will control electricity bills and go on for a very long time that will turn out to be a huge cost saver in long run.

With these points, it is clear that these fans are great for big industries and you can purchase it from us. We are counted among the noteworthy Heavy Industrial Ceiling Fan Manufacturers. We'll give you the surety that these offered fans provide the full value to your money. Dial our number to enquire more or place your order.