You need to adopt a proactive approach for keeping the temperature of your warehouse ideal for both your personnel and equipment stored there. As the seasons change, you need to update or replace your systems with something more appropriate. The winter season is still here and you should be aware of the ways to tackle it. Being one of the leading High Volume Low Speed Fan Manufacturers, we are here with a few tips for controlling warehouse climate in winters. Remember that it is all about keeping your employees energetic and happy. Here are some tips:

  • Heat Generation System - The heat generation system installed in your facility should run on the latest technology or if it’s old, ensure it is properly maintained over the years. Get the non-functioning parts repaired. Old, damaged systems contribute largely to a cold warehouse climate.
  • Prevent Heat Loss - Open doors and windows are also a major reason for heat loss. In many cases, it is difficult to keep them closes because of the continuous transfer of goods in and out. To prevent damage from extreme cold, you can opt for solutions like weather strips in the gaps, insulation kits and insulated door panels.
  • Industrial Ceiling Fans - Combining the power of HVAC systems with HVLS fans is essential for keeping a warehouse warm. Warm air generated from the heating system will be evenly distributed by these fans to keep the environment warm throughout the facility. It is particularly important for equipment placed in different corners of the facility.

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