If you think of a sauna, heat, and humidity can be wonderful. But, if you think about working out at the gym, it is very important to maintain a comfortable temperature. The situation at times burns a hole in the pockets of health club and gym owners. MG Engineers is one of the trustworthy Big Ceiling Fan Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Some of the issues faced by gym owners are as mentioned below:

  • Cool Large Spaces - As compared to small rooms, it is difficult to cool the large space of gyms. If we talk about a centralized cooling system, it adds up to the overall cost and also requires time-to-time maintenance.
  • Body Heat - During workout sessions, a lot of heat is generated by people. And the sweaty conditions make the area humid. This is one major reason that gyms are warmer on weekdays.
  • Ideal Room Temperature - A cooler room temperature is required for easy and comfortable workout sessions at the gym. According to IFA (International Fitness Association), the ideal temperature to be maintained is around 65°F to 68°F. For ordinary work spaces OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) suggests 68°F to 74°F.
  • Heat & Humidity -  After the session, people in the gym prefer hot tubs, showers, and saunas that eventually add to the temperature and humidity in the gym premises. According to the IFA (International Fitness Association) recommendation, these indoor pools and other facilities increase the temperature by almost 40% to 60%. 

Thus, it becomes a constant and costly battle for the gym and health club owners to ensure a comfortable temperature. Now comes the Big Ceiling Fans into action. These fans are said to cut the cost and also drop the inside temperature by almost 10 degrees. These fans also have the feature to run in reverse mode. Hence, can also help you save a lot during winters when winter heating is mandatory. There are HVLS Fan Manufacturers, who are acclaimed for delivering quality at a reasonable cost.